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Zachary908's OEBT shrimp tank.*Update* 4/7/12

Today I purchased a used all in one 5 gallon bow front tank for a whopping $5 at my work. Replaced the stock filter bad with a poly bio filter. I also got a sponge pre filter off of an established system at work to hook up to the intake.

I know these tanks aren't the best, but since I replaced the filter I think it will do just fine.

I will probably be doing weekly water changes as well.

I went ahead and set it up without substrate today, so it is cycling currently with the established pre filter a handful of established bio balls. A ball of Xmas moss, and some baby water lettuce.

This will be a slow set up I'm in no hurry and I'm taking my time.

I will be placing an order tomorrow for some shrimp food, and some fluval stratum.

Anyway, here are a few pictures.

Filtration system

Top opened


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