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Originally Posted by madness View Post
I definitely like the scape on this one better than on the 3.5 gallon.

Nothing wrong with the other one, this one just reflects a more mature style I guess.

Is that the Marineland 10g half-moon? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I have been debating taller (but still relatively small volume) tanks that are more 'display' friendly and that is one of the few tanks that fits the bill.
Thanks. That's exactly how I feel. My little tank was sort of an experiment. Work out the kinks until I learned more then move on to something nicer. So no offense at all. I love this tank, but it is a challenge to scape and challenge to pick the right fish. Since taller than it is wide. I have one glo fish in there but he should probably be in a longer tank. But the small footprint helps. I live in small apt at the beach in nyc. I dint have much room for bigger tanks. The stand is DIY as well btw. It's epai(sp?) wood.

Originally Posted by sewingalot View Post
That was a cute non-planted tank, it's was very interesting. But now it's fabulous! Are you worried about your betta jumping? I've lost my fair share to carpet surfing. I like the half moon look.
Thanks! I really worked hard on it. I still have a way to go but I'm happy on how this started so far.
I'm more worries about my Siberian kitten getting to the fish then the betta jumping out! Lol!!

Originally Posted by harrow View Post
Really glad to see other halfmoon tank owners. I see that you upgraded your light and filter, how do you like the zoo med canister and what light is that.
So far I really like the zoo med. It's quiet and it's functional. I didn't like the intake and outakes so I swapped them out for fake lily pipes. I had to rig them to fit the zoo med tubing tho. See next post. I will post a pic of it.
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