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Originally Posted by sewingalot View Post
Does anyone currently have a HMF setup in his/her own tank? If so, please share pictures if you have any! I'm looking for inspiration.
I have three HMF:s in my tanks.
One is a standard "end of a tank foamed"-version, one is in a sump.

One is in a 250 gal brackish tank, been working for four years I think. The foam is 1 x 0,5 meters, on the back of the tank:

Pump is a Koralia 4, rigged onto a chamber in the corner:

I also made a fake rock background with a lot of holes, slots and gaps to hide the foam:

Koralia is a powerful pump and even though it takes part of it's flow through the grille left in front of the chamber, it probably takes more water through the foam than is necessary/ideal.

But it's been working fine for four years. I have taken the foam out for a wash twice so far.

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