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LOL - I have fish in this tank - I never noticed you can't see them in this pic! lol I have it stocked with 6 black tetras, 11 cardinal tetras, and two blue rams. I did have a hifin pleco in it, but I never realized how much waste they produced. I also had an oto in it, but I moved it to my 40b, where it was needed.
I like the looks of tetras and may beef up their schools, but I've been waiting to see if I could find some kind of schooling tetra that has a shiney silver or silver/gold/pewter type color. Something like bloodfins or big scaled african characins. I never see anything but the same-old stuff at petsmart or my lfs. (which has much less than even Petsmart, which is pretty good here!) I'd like to see the flash of a metallic color in the tank - I think it would look good in the blackwater.
Even with all the driftwood and MGOPS, my ph and alkalinity is high. I'm going to take a small amount of pure peat and ball it up in a bit of nylon stocking. If it doesn't come out of the stocking's mesh in a bowl I'm going to tuck into the tank behind a plant. A few of these might help lower the alkalinity - I'll test my water every few days to see.
Oh, to answer your question, the fish that are in there are doing great. The rams have spawned once since I got them, but they ate all the eggs as they developed. I don't think they'll spawn as readily until the water becomes more acidic. I do have some snails in there too, hitchhikers from plant purchases. I've seem a few miniscule baby ramshorns, a single snail I think is a MTS (saw it once, and never saw it again - guess it's underground - lol) and a 1/2 dozen pond snails. Every once in a while a pond snaill will climb the glass high enough that I can squish it, but mostly they cruise the drftwood, bottom, and plants. When the population explodes I'll use the lettuce trick to thin them back out.
More on the tanK soon!

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