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The Dude's tanks

Some of these have been going for a few months, the 10g is just started.
75g Angel tank
Organic potting soil
6 Angels
10 black neons
4 Amano's
5 Ghost shrimp
2 Oto's

Still waiting for the Staurogyne to fill in so I can trim some and use it as the foreground on the 10g

Organic Potting soil
1 Angel (bully)
Some Platy's
1 Plakat
2 Amano's and some RCS

Potting Soil
10 Serpae Tetras
10 Neons
2 Amano's

I'm waiting for the microswords to fill in. Just added the driftwood so there's some tannins.

20g RCS tank
Hundreds of RCS
1 Amano

New 10g tank.
Right now it has some Platy fry, some RCS and 4 Amano's

Going to use some Staurogyne from the 75g for foreground and soon I'll be emptying all the occupants to set this up for OEBT's.
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