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2wks wet

Two weeks into the tank change the cycle was saved using everything form the 20L so I think I'm good to go.
Haha i did this on purpose but sure to be hating this tank! why??
Black base, black fish.

Placed white paper behind the tank which helped slightly.
Tannins from the soil are present but not overpowering.
A single WC of 20g was done 5 days after the reset.

Here live in the room I like it but trying to capture my DDSV in a camera image has always been a PITA and the black sub compounds that, but I really like the fish and the sub is better for black effect than Eco Complete.
The cost savings simply can't be argued with.
The point of the tank change was to add the height for another pair tank and that's what I've done.

Yet to succeed with a spawn the two female DDSV have been pulled from the 110g and placed with males of they're choosing and it's time to put out or get out. Receiving a dozen fish from a breeder in Colorado only two were girls that was strike one, but I kept six in house.

Did get a couple clean pics.

Parameters remained flat for 10 days w/ 0.0 tested in the water so I dosed for NO3 5ppm, PO4 3ppm and trace is added every week.

3 LFBBN, 2 albino cory, 2 DDSV

Hoping black fry pics to will follow.
All here will be watching .

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