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Yeah, I wanna see the man behind the frog .

This is the only one I've got of me that's anything close to recent and it's not a very good one, I'm afraid. If I find a better one I'll change it out. Excuse the helmet hair .


55 gallon - Hi-Res — 2wpg CF lighting; pressurized CO2; 18 watt Turbo-twist UVS; Eheim Pro II 2028; eco-complete; 2 Pearl Gouramis; 7 Harlequin Rasboras; 3 Otocinclus catfish
10 gallon — lo-tech; 1.8 wpg DIY CF light; no CO2; Aquaclear mini; Schultz substrate; java fern; java moss; 7 Neon Tetras; 1 flame dwarf gourami
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