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Originally Posted by discuspaul View Post
nikonD70s -
Those are very good-looking fish ! Love them.
Originally Posted by discuspaul View Post
Yes, the floaters would probably help do that - although there shouldn't be a need for them if you have a BB tank, are doing large frequent wcs, and have a good sponge filter.

Looking for discus fry in So Cal ? -
Kenny's Discus in Daley City, Ca. is probably one of, if not the best, for discus in the U.S., according to numerous experienced discus keepers on the forum. However, don't know if he breeds his own, or has access to good fry from other So Cal breeders - you could check with him, he'll probably know.
He's a very successful, reputable importer of Forrest discus from Malaysia.

Originally Posted by shrimpNewbie View Post
i like the orangeish discus with the bright blue stripes, my favorite even if common =] not sure of the name

thanks for the info, and by nutrient soak I meant taking up some of the ammonia and nitrates, the shade will be added benefit I guess, anyone know a good place to get babies in socal? would prefer they not go a long journey =]
thanks paul, and paul is correct. kenny over at simply discus is the top vendor on that forum. he has 1-2 shipments every month imported from forest from over seas. he isnt a breeder just imports and sells them. but im sure he has some small ones for sale. and he can prolly hook you up with a great deal for left over's hes wanting to get rid of. although most of the time his shipment sells out fast. there are south american varities of discus. those are wild discus.

here his vendors page. you can email or call him and ask what he has.

if you want local in socal close to you. bill in rialto is your best bet. heres his page. you can contact him and arrange an appointment for you to go check out his stock and hand pick some juvies.
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