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Originally Posted by discuspaul View Post
lipadj46 -
I don't believe that's peppering at all - just the genes coming through from the parentage.
Don't worry about it for now. Give them good care & let them grow out & see what you get.
And I don't believe they're not good quality either. Their shape is not unusual for their age and size. The determination of the quality of those fish is far too early to tell.
Do your thing, and I sincerely believe those fish could turn out better than you might expect.
Keep up the good work.
Regards & good luck,
Thanks, yeah I'm not really worried about it, from everything I have read they are in the too young to tell stage. I'm just going to have fun with learning a new aspect of the hobbie. Whether they turn out to be perfect specimens or to be abominations we shall see. On a side note I have noticed that some percentage of discus folks are REALLY into these fish thanks again
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