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Originally Posted by discuspaul View Post
Congrats - they look real nice. Do you know what strain(s) the parents are ?
Give them good frequent feedings, regular large daily wcs if you can, and some TLC, and they'll be 'big boys & girls' in no time.
As I said before, don't hesitate to PM me if I can be of any help.
Best of luck.
Parents are a red domestic female and a wild tefe green male. Here is a vid:,1298.0.html

Thanks for all the help, I'll let you know if I run into any trouble. They are eating beef heart, baby brine shrimp and flakes so that is good

Originally Posted by nikonD70s View Post
from the above pic of your discus. they appear to be not good quality as you can see they are already peppering at that stage. they will most likely have peppering the rest of there lives or even pepper up some more. but if you dont mind it then its alright. but as for quality goes they are not good.

not trying to be a jerk or anything and it sounds a lil harsh but im just telling you the truth of discus.
I think you might be trying to be just a little jerk but that's OK. Gargas is a great breeder and has been doing this for a long time. As far as the peppering, yeah the pic was 10 minutes after dumping them out of the bags. Time will tell what they will look like but I'm not that worried about it as this is all a learning experience for me (and a pretty inexpensive one at that).
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