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Originally Posted by lipadj46 View Post
well I got my juvies from joe gargas. These are the "dime" sized F2s he is selling on aquabid for $15 each with free priority mail shipping. Afew comments... First I bought 5 and he sent 6 just in case one did not make it (all are healthy), second these "dime" sized discus are more like quarter to silver dollar sized, finally his packaging was top notch, fitted styrofoam box with each discus in their own thermo-sealed kordon bag, these fish could live at least for a week I bet in their shipping box. I've read some negative comments about his prices/size and priority shipping but I think that I got a fine deal. Now lets see if I can keep them alive and growing!

discus are easy, atleast to me they are. one important thing is to get them from a good source that have healthy stocks. then your already a big step ahead. often time people think discus is hard is because they start off with poor quality discus that they often buy from LFS which most of the time sell bad ones that are stunted and doesnt have proper care. so when they die they assume discus are hard to keep.

its not recommended to have young discus in planted establish tank is because juvie discus requires lots of water change and food for best growth or they can be stunted and not grown to there potential. so its best to grow them out in a bare bottom tank cuz its a lot easier to clean. with juvies your goin to have to waterchange everyday and feed 5-10x times a day for optimum growth.

also depending on strains. discus can peper up in planted tanks especially with dark background and substrates. the brighter the layout of your tank the brighter the discus will be. unless you get albino's.the dont peper up or have any black markings so you can keep them in darker tanks.

from the above pic of your discus. they appear to be not good quality as you can see they are already peppering at that stage. they will most likely have peppering the rest of there lives or even pepper up some more. but if you dont mind it then its alright. but as for quality goes they are not good.

not trying to be a jerk or anything and it sounds a lil harsh but im just telling you the truth of discus. in my opinion if you really want discus in a planted tank. start off with adult discus. easier to maintain. and get them from a better source. i would recommend vendors over at simplydiscusforum and look under kenny chung in daly city. he is one of the top vendors on there and have shipments every month.
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