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5G Low Tech, Rocks and Stems...Updated 6-8-2012

This is the first small tank I have had. It is actually my girl friends tank but I set it all up, do all the maintenance, etc. It started off as basically no tech, just a light, no heater, no filter, etc. It is just over a year old. It is also the first time any aquatic animal I have had has a name. She is Liby, aka Liby Liberty as we got her on the 4th of July

This tank has been awesome as it has been the easiest tank ever. I have had no algae except a tiny bit of GDA on the glass, and I mean tiny amount. I only paid about $30 for everything, tank, top and gravel. The light and filter were left over. Pretty much all plants were from my other tanks.

-AGA 5 gallon
-Home made light fixture using 2 CFLS (15 watts x2)
-Zoo Med 501 filter
-No Heater
-Critter cage top
-Petco gravel

Food and Excel when I remember

1 Dwarf African Frog

Misc Stems

This is really hard to photograph due to where the tank is, the light fixture, and the fact I don't have a tripod here. I did my best but it looks better in person. Probably time for a trim

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