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Nice densely planted tank!

Originally Posted by JRMott View Post

Looking at the pics from June 2011, you're probably wondering what the heck happened. Well, I had quite a problem with algae in Nov/Dec and then I was in the midst of changing jobs. Some plants died and the DHG never took off. This resulted in a combination of discouragement and neglect.

I (finally) decided to get back on this tank, after several months of neglect which led it from an algae farm to what you see above on 6/4/11. I spent about 2 hours cleaning the tank last night, you can see the results in the photo from 6/16/11.

CO2 tank is getting refilled tomorrow, plants are being ordered online, and some more fish will be picked up soon.
Guess it's hard to completely drop our hobby with the tank and fishes in our possession. Welcome back to the planted tank hobby!
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