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I like your tank... very simple and clean and should be pretty low maintenance with the crypts.

I recently had a bout of lightly cloudy water similar to yours accompanied by a dusty looking surface slime. Not quite as cloudy as yours and it didnt seem like green water but I figured I would try to add some hydrogen peroxide to the tank as I suspected it was some sort of algae that came in from my WC. Since hydrogen peroxide breaks down into its constituent components in light I figured it was safe to experiment. I dosed about 4 ml in my 31G just after lights on and everything in the tank started to bubble within about 30mins. Plants seemed to be pearling like mad and the canister filter was spitting out bubbles like crazy. The following day the surface scum seemed to be significantly reduced and after a second day of the dosing my water is now crystal clear and no surface slime. All flora and fauna in the tank are safe and sound and the problem has not returned after a few weeks.

I am not suggesting that this was a safe way of clearing it up but this was my first time ever in 3 years that my planted tank had an issue of water cloudiness. Surface agitation and subsequent water changes were not clearing up the problem and since I had safely dosed hydrogen peroxide directly onto some black brush algae before I figured it was worth a try.
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