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Another NPT or D's Dirt Tank

After testing coal slag blasting media (Black Beauty) in my 20L quarantine I've decided to continue using it.
The last $1/gal sale saw me buying more tanks ( LMAO that's a surprize, right!)
Anyhoot my last build included MTS in the plan for one of the tanks but that didn't work out as hoped.

After the better part of six months wet/dry the vast majority of the organics are broken down to mush and this was used setting up this tank. Nothing else was added.

Single day setup using all the water, plants and other materials from the 20 long setting up the new 29g.

1 1/2" of mud pudding.

Capped with the black grit and planted. The crypts will fill this tank before long I'm sure.

Albinos with a black substrate have nowhere to hide LOL

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