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Originally Posted by Wingsdlc View Post
It was cool seeing your tanks the other day in person.

I am thinking that you are in the low range with 3 - 13W bulbs. That gives you about 1 wpg. I think med. lighting is more around 2 wpg.
thanks man, happy sharing. I moved the 3rd worklight from the bowls to the tank. It made a huge difference in the brightness of the tank. I want to try to find 15 watt 6500K bulbs.

The South American plant that looked like it was dying did die. I pulled it out last night and put the tiger lotus in its place. They are directly under the 3rd light so hopefully they will grow ok.

We went to fintastic for the first time yesterday after church. I didn't realize how close they were to our church, just a couple exits down 485. I got 2 tiger lotus plants for $8.70 might be a little high compared to online but at least I got to see them first. I was really impressed with their fish and plant selection. Didn't see really any sick fish and they had plants I never see at any other stores. So maybe if there is ever anything I can't get from Scott i can get there.
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