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yes that is correct, the kit has a range and it somewhere between 0 -60/40mg/l. DO these need to be more accurate. I am acctualy looking for a new test kit as the one i have decided it that phos #3 would leak all over the place, so i cant test for phosphate and two of the colour charts are destroyed. Also I did a test for iron a while back back and from what I can remember it was not where it should be?? I read that this is required for the photosynthsis process, is that correct or is it just for red plants???
Thanks for your help.
And just to clarify hilde are you saying that if i wish to keep same a pair of blue rams that prefer water between 5.0 -7.0 and my tap water is say around 7.8 that it is better to just put them in and let them sort it out??? I really would like these guys to spawn, I didn't think that would be an option???
Thanks again guys
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