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Ok, I will get a pick up. Water parameters. Temp 24derg c. Nitrate 0 nitrite 0 ammonia 0 ph is around 7.4. Slowly bring it down. Gh 0 - 60 mg/l kh 0 - 20 mg/l. I have 2 x l202 plecos, they do a bit, glass and wood. Am in the process of getting a couple of ottos. Yea seachem is avaliable it's the florish stuff, is liquid fert ok to use with root tabs. And should I dose at weekly water changes? Parameters are pretty stable, as I said the tank has been running for a fair while as a fry grow out for cichlids, bare bottom tank with only drift wood and anubius. Tap water is pretty hard here so for the Africans it was fine but the fish I wanna keep I want it around ph 6.5-7. I guess the biggest question I need to ask is, can my plants grow it sand if I fert regularly and will this encourage algie growth??
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