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Originally Posted by Cheeseybacon
I tried something different today when I changed my vat o' C02 crap. I added the sugar, water, and yeast, all mixed together and such as per usual. Then I sprinkled a small tidbit of yeast on the top of the water, leaving it totally undisturbed, and then closed it up. Within half an hour, I had a steady stream of bubbles going. I have never in my life see the reaction start so quickly and with such gusto. Give it a try the next time.
I'd never given any thought to the order of adding things... I always added the sugar, then baking soda, then water. Then I added the yeast and I watched for a minute until it fell, then rose again. Then I'd walk over to the tank to hook it up. Usually the gas would begin to visibly move down the airline into the tank in minutes.

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