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Originally Posted by Dollface View Post
Sucks that your UG conked out like that, it was probably the diatoms that did it in. UG is pretty light/co2 hungry ime.

Get some belem in there stat, it'll look awesome.
Hey Dollface I know you are the UG Expert but I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. I've been growing the UG that I purchased from you with just a 13w otto pc light and no co2 in my 3 gallon tank. Personally I find the only thing UG really likes/needs is cold water. If your water temp gets too warm it starts to melt. Just my observation take it for what its

Couesfanatic I do think you'll be happier with the Belem. UG is beautiful but a pain to maintain and I find no matter what I do it always uproots it self and requires re-planting.

Good luck with the new scape!
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