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Originally Posted by ReluctantHippy View Post
Any idea on what you've going to grow?
So far I've got baby tears, red cabomba, purple fanwort, some kind of gold ludwigia, some kind of alternathera and bacopa. Hopefully the fanwort and bacopa grow in thick so it covers up that white backdrop.

I just planted everything so the water is still kind of murky. Also, I didn't rince the topsoil. I just threw it in there and capped it with fine black sand. There was definitely wood chips in there and I think some tannins are being released.

I threw in a bio bag from one of my filters since I didn't mineralize the topsoil first. Introducing bacteria is kind of the same thing right? Just at a much slower pace? Isn't mineralizing another way of saying "bacteria eating the organics"?

Lastly, I really don't want to have a powerhead in this tank, but how will the plants get nutrients and CO2 without water movement? Will simple convection be enough to move nutrients and CO2 around to all my plants?

Thanks for any help

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