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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
that link is the same as the one you gave in an earlier post. i opened both and they are exactly the same. and they both dont have otos or BN pleco. maybe you got the wrong link by accident in this post.
Scroll down about half way. You'll see

Rio Negro

pH: 4.5-6.5, 0-4 dH, 81-86 F (27-30 C)

Furnish the tank with bog wood and a dark, fine gravel substrate.
There can be subdued lighting and still water.
Peat filtration is recommended.

Sword plants, Heteranthera, Ceratophyllum, Vallisneria, Cabomba

Discus, Angelfish, Dwarf Cichlids, Tetras, Hatchetfish, Corydoras, Farlowella, Loricarids.

If you click on the link for the Loricarids, you'll both bn pleco and otocinclus listed.

Hope that helps.
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