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29g blackwater biotope- acuario de rio negro

So, my dad came home the other day with a 29 gallon tank! it came with a t12 light and hood, a whisper filter, and clown puke gravel.

so the tank is technically my younger brother's tank, he'll be buying the stuff, but ill be maintaining and scaping it so im claiming it as mine. since he is paying for the stuff, we are just going to keep the hood, even though its not the most attractive thing ever.

it is going to be very lightly planted, with tea-colored water. this is my inspiration i found a nice stump and some smaller sticks of driftwood at the creek, they have been soaking and are just about ready to go into the tank. and i'll have some leaf litter around the wood.

i'm thinking indian almond leaves, because i cant think of any others.

for substrate im going to use PFS

im getting a hydor theo 150W heater.

the light is a t12 light. new plant and fishtank bulb.

the filter is a whisper filter

for plants i have a few small amazon sword plantlets. i might add floaters along the lines somewhere

the stocking is as of now is
-1 pair of angelfish
-6 cardinal tetras
-6 otos
-1 albino BN pleco

i threw the driftwood, before soaking, in the tank with the clown puke, just to get a hardscape in mind before soaking the wood. the green leaves are there to show where the leaf litter will be.

this picture is terrible. excuse the glare

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