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Just My .02

You would get the co2 to disolve better if you put that dish scrubber back in. Reason being... the bioballs are being used to break the c02 up into smaller bubbles thus giving you more surface area. By adding a 30-50 CuCm fluidized bed into the bottime of the reactor on the output side you are trapping the bubbles into pockets while water passes by them. At the same time any co2 that is being depleted out of the water due to the turbulance caused by the bioballs will be recollected wiht the pure co2 state. Remember... CO2 in the presurized tank is pure... as it gets desolved into the water is turns into carbonic acid. If it remixes wiht pure C02 once again it can be redesolved or else it just trickles to the top of the tank and you loose it so why not use a fluidized bed and recaputre it and let it redesolve? THink of it as a glass of soda.... you do not have to agitate the sufface to remove the C02... just a slight bump on the side of a glass will get CO2 releasing from it.

As an Added .02.....

IMHO inline reactors stir the water up too much as the water runs thru it @ in most of our cases 150-300GPH.. thats like shaking your beer bottle gently every 10 mins. after an hour it's flat.

My stats....

46 Gallon heavilly planted tank. 4wpg plantguild reactor = 30ppm CO2 after 2 hours of the co2 being on @ get this... 1 bubble every 15-20 seconds.

Can we say... a 5lb thank that should last a year and less stress on my rena?

I was having to do 1 bubble every 3-5 seconds wiht my DIY inline system close to what rex was describing.

reactor can be found here:
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