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Many plants...little time
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A few changes...
I suspect that my lights were driving the system so hard and a lack of nutrients were the cause of the algae...staghorn and hair. I also think some outside sunlight was hitting the tank. But I'm not sure that sunlight is the culprit because I've had this tank for a few years and never had these problems.
So I started dosing a modified EI schedule.
I also pulled all the M. quadrifolia and put some in my emersed setup for later...then chopped up the Hygrophilia "kompakt" and spread it out.
I added my all-time favorite plant, 5 Ladenandra meeboldii from my 100g.

I added some fauna in the form of 6 Otocinclus vestitus and 24 Japonica shrimp that also aided in cleaning up the tank.
I am currently looking to add 15-20 cardinal or ember tetra's, 6-10 Corydorus sterbai, and 8-10 marble hatchets.


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