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A lot has happened. The UG started to transition and grow pretty good. Then I went on vacation for 9 days. I left a family member in charge and it didn't turn out so well. The UG had lots of diatoms on it and was dying off. I'm not sure what it was that it was wanting. Every day I was finding more and more pieces on top of the water. That gold old fast so I tore the ultra sensitive UG out. I realized that I didn't take enough pics, but here are the two I did have when it was starting to go well. Sorry about the cup, these are the only pics I have. And the glass needed scraped badly also.

So now the tank is the same minus the UG. It looks pretty bare. I have been growing some Eleocharis Belem emersed so I threw a few pieces in to see if they would transition well. I'd really like to get a belem carpet in this tank, especially with no trimming. I also like the grassy, wild look of it. It grows well for me emersed, hopefully it does good in the tank. I'm also throwing around ideas of blyxa in the back or a super bright stem like rotala butterfly. This is a photo from manini on here, when he was selling it on here.

Currently I have a bumblebee goby in there, an otto and one fire red male. Still looking for a scarlet badis locally. Its too hot to risk shipping right now. Yes, Ben my female jumped ship along with my amanos while I was on vacation. I need to get another female from you. Not sure what caused that, something went wrong, maybe too much co2. My drop checker was running bright yellow all day long. My fish would be spinning circles in the evening barely hanging on. I recently turned down the co2 a bit and now its yellow/green at the beginning of the photoperiod and bright yellow at the end of the photoperiod. As you can see in the pics, I'm getting some GDA, not sure how to deal with that.

Oh and my other gripe. My water is still going yellow fast from the aquasoil. Its clear after a waterchange but within a day its back to the yellow tint. I can tell that it takes longer to turn yellow each week after waterchanges.

Any advise on the GDA? I think I will try the wait it out for 10-20 day thing, if it keeps coming back. Anyone had success with E. Belem? I will post udated pics tomorrow.
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