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Originally Posted by biebman View Post
my thoughts:
Also wanted to see if anyone had been to fish freaks in Omaha? I haven't been there.
I have been there. While I was looking to stock a 125 gallon with cichlids, I figured a place that specializes in cichlids would be great.

Acquired 27... there were 4 survivors. Shortly after I got them home, they started to develop problems and subsequently started dropping like flies. Treatments with various antibiotics did nothing. I eventually hammered them with a cocktail of anti-parasite meds and managed to save the 4.

On the initial treatment with antibiotics, I did put in some mild parasite meds (malachite green, formalin) that did nothing.

Because of how nasty this illness was, I have concerns about their quarantine practices. The fish went from initial signs of infection to dead in about 3 days. As a result, I am very reluctant to go back.

On the bright side, I love the set up they have. Many exotic and rare african cichlids and they do an excellent job of lighting it just right to show off the colors of the fish. It's pretty much all african cichlids. I don't recall seeing any south american cichlids there. I don't even remember seeing an oscar.

They have an excellent selection and pretty knowledgeable staff.. but definitely quarantine any fish you get there for at least 3 weeks. The fish I acquired all came from the same tank and were going into the same aquarium with no other additions, so it was my QT tank... and I'm thankful it didn't spread to any of my other aquariums.
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