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The canister for the filter is custom made from an aluminum container. They're mostly used as time capsules or air-tight storage right now but they were originally used as WWII supply containers (info from my dad, not sure how accurate that is). The pump is external with 200 G/H (757 L/H according to google convert) and will be mounted on the back of the cabinet eventually. I have a DIY reactor that will diffuse the CO2 and will be inline with everything in the cabinet eventually.

I'm considering putting dividers between the sand and soil if I notice it getting too mixed up but for right now I'm just gonna leave it so it's easier to work with. I'm hoping the HG will grow a bit into the sand and hide the border to keep it from looking so obvious.

Aw I'm sorry for using your ideas but it doesn't matter if it's similar layout and stuff I'm sure they will still look very different because of plants and everything. I've been kinda working on a setup like this for a while in another tank and when I got this I wanted to recreate it better.

This is an older picture of my first setup in a de-rimmed 10g.

That's the same driftwood I'm gonna put in the new tank but now it has moss and needle leaf java fern on it, I don't have any current pictures of it but you guys will see when I get it in there.

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