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Question for Eheim Pimpers

Approx 8 years ago bought a CO2 setup which included an inline heater, CO2 reactor and Ehiem 2222-37. (As well as CO2 regulator/pH controller.)
It's worked well on a 60 gallon planted tank all these years even though the filter's only rated for a 45 gallon tank. The LFS loves when I bring them excess plants grown in this tank.
But now the swordtails (That'd be the fish - not the plant!) have had babies and there's more fish/bioload and am considering upgrading the filter.
Looked at other brand filters but the Eheim has been such a perfect machine I hate to stray. The extra cost doesn't matter when considering how long these things last. (Forever?)
There's the Ecco 2234 vs Pro 3 2071 and maybe something else I don't know about.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Also - what's the rule of thumb for calculating gallons-per-hour ideal for a planted tank?
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