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Yes, the tank and substrate were from ADG, it was a birthday present

I was hoping for the stem plants and the driftwood to replace the need for more rocks but I may play around with them some more and see if I like it. I have a couple extra rocks but I picked out the ones I liked most for right now. It's not Iwagumi style so I wasn't going for a very rock heavy layout. The right side is going to be mainly just the driftwood and hair grass to give kind of a hilly meadow with a mossy tree on it and stem plants behind. And the left side was gonna be a rocky mountain with bits of grass near the front and stem plants layering behind

Also I was going to get some frosted tint on the back of the tank to hide the wall texture and that annoying power cord. If it's still noticeable I may be able to hide it on the side. Right now the cord is just going to an outlet in the wall near the middle of the cabinet so it hangs over in the way but eventually it will connect to a power strip inside the cabinet so I can move it away from the background.

That front rock is pretty large but at first I was picturing that it would give more perspective and depth with it being in the front and the smaller ones being in the back like they are farther in the background. I'm still playing around with the layout figuring out what I like before I set up the plants. It's frustrating though working with soil and sand especially with that slope because all the soil keeps rolling down into the sand and I'm afraid if I move that rock now I may really mess it up If you have any suggestions for how to avoid that it would be really helpful because I do want to try out different layouts for that rock but I don't want to mess up the soil and sand border.
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