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Lincoln \ Omaha LFS.... Krib trade, anyone?

my thoughts:

The Fish Store (48 & o): knowledgable staff. Fish healthy enough but not great. Selection is OK, but they will order anything you want.

Fish World (Cotner & A): fish seem very healthy and alert, almost very hungry as they approach you as soon as they see you. selection is good, but it seems like they only stock a few of the more expensive cichlids.

my favorite is Pet World off 120 & Center in Omaha. great selection in good health, but the staff is not very knowledgeable.

Also wanted to see if anyone had been to fish freaks in Omaha? I haven't been there.

Finally - anyone near Lincoln or Omaha want a Kribensis trade? I have 6-8 kribensis in good health. 1/2 are bred and 1/2 were bought new. I am looking for healthy rainbows, giant danios, or possibly apistos or other dwarf cichlids.
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