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Just a rant:

I went to the closing sale and I'm really unhappy with what happened. They sold me three Nerites and two of them are dead. No, I didn't know that they were dead when I bought them. The guy also said that he was giving me a bunch free and I got home and surprise, I never got them.

I also bought 25' of air line and just the other day I open the package and yet another dissapointment, the line is cut up into at least three peices. The ends of the lines were hidden in the packaging so I didn't see it.

Prior to this trip and on multiple occassions, I got wrong information and bad advice from them, most of which I could recognise but not always. And I know some one is going to tell me that it's my job to know things before I buy but I can't know everything and if they didn't know the answer, they should have told me they don't know instead of giving wrong advice and information.

So I won't miss it. But I am happy about Judy, my new baby Gertrude's Rainbow Fish (named for it's blue eyes). It was the last one they had.

Scales... Now THAT was a fish store worth going to!
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