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Wish we lived closer together, getting ready to get rid of some golds and supposed to be gettin some baby coi from a friends pond. Love that pond by the way!
Aww! That would have been awesome! The pond owners have a bunch of little kids that love looking at the fish. I just feel back because they are always hiding and there are only 4!

Originally Posted by Capsaicin_MFK View Post
Looks like a fun project. Planning on using some riparium plants? Too bad we northern state people can't enjoy year-round outdoor ponds... :/
I am deffinately adding plants. Hands down! They are actually coming today. Here is a list of the plants I ordered:

Corkscrew Rush
Yellow Iris
Dwarf Cattail
Lizard Tail
Black Gamecock

I have all the planting materials and baskets ready as well.

Originally Posted by FIT BMX View Post
Lilies and lotuses would look great in this pond, given it's shape and size. The pond looks about 12" deep. do you have more photos?
What are the pump and filter size? It looks like it's a good pump the waterfall is really going.

Hey thanks FIT BMX! I would love to add some lilies, but unfortunately, since the pond is only a little over one foot deep, I don't think that they would fair well. I am probably going to give them a try anyway though.

As far as filteration and such, I am not sure about the filter size. I am pretty sure it is made by EasyPro though. Media wise, there the waterfall container is filled with bagged lava rock and some misc. mechanical media.

I do not any more pictures at the moment... but if all goes as planed, I should have plenty later today!

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