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I live in Beckley for 15 years. There isn't much around specific to planted tanks when I left but I knew of a couple pet stores in the area that might be able to help you out.

There is a pet supplies plus near Wal - mart. They use to keep a tank full of aquatic plants. Their stock looks healthy.

There is a place called exotic jungle atop spragg hill. I wouldn't buy any live stock from there. Whenever I went in there it was a wreck and the tanks were filthy.

There was a pet land but the last time I was there they had either closed or moved.

Princeton is about 30 min south of Beckley on interstate 77. I have a buddy that still lives in Beckley and he goes there to get saltwater stuff now. I have never been but if they are into aquariums enough to stock saltwater livestock it is a pretty good bet that they have some stuff for planted tanks too. I unfortunetly cannot remember the name of the place but you can probably get a good idea from google.
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