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Originally Posted by fishboy199413 View Post
Thanks it has helped me plan it and the tank is covered. When i just started I got 1 hatchet and put it in a covered 10 gallon and it tryed to get out several times but my worst escape artist was one of my african clawed frogs when I was little. I wouldn't be able to find it for days and then me and my dad looked everywhere for it and it always ended up in the filter which was a biowheel filter and this was a big frog. Sorry to bore you with my stories. Also rickztahone I am going to go to a local landscaping store and look for small stones. I tryed my local creek and there was nothing I liked.
yeah, i got mine at the local Home Depot. My mistake was getting the larger sized ones. Seriously try to go for tiny ones. it will take waaay longer to make but in the end it will be a better river-rock display.
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