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Originally Posted by Lil' Swimz$ View Post
Etch the glass? No way. I have done this before and it only leaves super clear glass. Just be careful not to soak too much vinegar on the silicone, it loosens it.
Awesome, I'll be soaking it tonight.

Originally Posted by feh View Post
feeder fish are never really well cared for. get something they want to sell to live and might have better luck. but try a different source... chain stores aren't really the best place to get fish.
I definitely agree. The local fish I gathered seem to be doing well. The mosquito fish are loving the termites I feed them and the tad poles going to town on frozen spinach. Rest seem do be doing alright on goldfish flake and the water is staying nice an clear with my DIY filter.

Are there pros and cons to a biological filter versus coal?
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