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I'm new in some ways. 78 is a good temp for a community tank. The issue you will run into is using gravel for substrate. You will need to feed the plants constantly to make up for the lack of nutrients in the substrate.

But Java Fern doesn't get "planted". You tie that to driftwood or a rock. So it will be fine.

What kind of lights do you have ? I swapped out my incandescents for compact flourescents and my plants are doing well. Most lights that come with the tank aren't enough for many plants.

BUT I have low light/low tech set ups and that is probably where you should aim to start with ?

The HC plant (baby tears) is a high light plant. It may grow in lower light but will not form the pretty carpet. It will grow tall and weedy.

I'd suggest mosses and ferns. My Amazon Swords are in gravel but I do feed them weekly. I will be redoing that tank soon.

Plants first is good. easier to work in the tank without freaking out the fish. NO Plecos. Most are too big for a 10 and will eat the plants. After you add some fish and it's more cycled. Then get Otos.

I love my planted 10g. Mine has plants, shrimp and Otos. No other fish till the shrimp start overrunning the tank . I have Red Cherry Shrimp. Great starter shrimp.
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