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The tank is starting to look planted now! I lost a few species of plants and a couple are still in intensive care but most everything looks pretty robust now. Got the CO2 nearly where it belongs I think.
So far no surprises from the plants, they are behaving as anticipated, that will surely change. Fish are fat and happy, especially the otos. Apparently there are plenty of diatoms and GDA to please them.

Was admiring Amanda's new Melanotaenia maccullochi today. May visit my favorite LFS and see if they can help me out.

The water change yesterday was still ridiculous. 90 minutes to dump and fill 90 gallons. I could do 50 gallons in 20 minutes. Since all I needed to do was cut the Rotala 'Green' and Bacopa, scrape the front pane and thin out the floaters I don't understand why it took so long. Other than taking longer than it should and finishing up in the dark it was drama free, no water on the floor or balky pumps.

I cribbed feral13's most excellent light shield for the fishneedit metal halide fixture. I had a bit of thin acrylic and with taken apart hinges and some nuts and bolts made up this. I used hammered gray paint and it didn't want to cover completely but I am leaving it for now. Some light comes through when lights are on but the shields look opaque when lights are out. Maybe I will buy more acrylic and make shields for the back and paint the inside with white, might make them opaque. They don't seem to get very hot, probably ought to see how these do before making more anyway. Will buy the acrylic cutter too, scared the dog big time breaking it.

Here is feral13's journal.
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