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Hey there, just wanted to chime in with my two pennies. Just received my Sun-Sun 302 rebranded as a grech outside filter today. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the build quality based on some of the posts here I guess I was expecting far worse. So far it seems to be performing quite well, time will tell though.

I will say that the box is an abject lesson in engrish fail and don't plan on any helpful instructions cause you won't find any here. Although with that said it was my first canister filter and I managed to put everything together and get it up and running in about 20 minutes with no problems and no directions so it really wasn't that bad.

I'm also having the issue where the water level is too high for the skimmer but I don't really need a skimmer. So far haven't had any issues with the baskets but I could see someone breaking them if they really manhandled them.

Overall so far I am very happy with my purchase it is very quiet it filters water and it works which is really all I need in a filter. I'm all for quality but if I can get a solid product cheap that means I can buy more livestock and plants. I will follow up in this thread if I have any issues down the road.
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