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Thanks 150EH, I think the cloudiness is on the inside. It looks better in real life than in my crummy photos.

I am still doing searches, looking at everybody's tanks and poring over my fish books looking at new fish. No clear winner yet. Am wondering if just adding more black phantoms and black neons would get me where I want to be.

The regulator died so I put my spare one on and then of course the CO2 tank was drained and I had to start all over again pushing up the CO2, now I have some pearling and happy fish.

GDA and GSA has been growing very nicely on the tank's front pane. I think the tank is in a horrible GW state then I scrape it and everything turns back the nice colors again. Amazing I am fooled every time.

Loads of diatoms built up in the overflow box so of course the fool otos have to go in there for the great food. I cleaned it out and no otos have gone back. Sheesh, what nags those fish are!

Most of the plants are really perking up. The C. balansae seems to have double the leaves or they are twice as thick this week. Staurogyne repens has really deepened its color and thickened up. The Brazilian pennywort is still thinking about leaving me again, I sure hope it pulls through. Still have the floaters, water spangles looks nice but RRF is nearly gone.

Noticed none of the plants had closed their leaves up when lights went out so I increased the lighting period to 9 hours. Now to remember to notice if they are closed at lights off. The dog is so confused, I used to feed him at 3PM when the lights turned on and now the lights are on for an hour before he is fed.

Been taking photos of my purse surplus and hope to be making enough money at auction so DH won't freak out at a big fish and possibly new light purchase next month.

See the CLEAN overflow?

Got to trim the R. 'Green' again. HG is getting thicker but a long way to go yet.
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