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38gal. Tetrasforest.Update and new pic 9/02/2011.

I just totaly redid this tank about 3 weeks ago. Please tell me what you think.

38gal. Tank.
Rena xp2 canister filter.
Marineland 300watt Heater.
Deep Blue T5HO 2 x 39watt 36" 10k & 5K.

80lbs of Eco Complete.

Seachem Liquid Fertz. 4 x Per week
Flourish Excell everyday.

Hard scape.

Water Sprite.
Giant Hairgrass.
Rotala Rotundifolia.
Purple Cabomba.
Dwarf Lily.
Bronze Crypt Wendtii.
Crypt Wendtii Florida Sunset.
Dwarf Sagitaria.

38gal. Tetras Forest.
10gal. Jungle Low Tech.
10gal. Planted Aquarium, 38gal. Planted Aquarium.

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