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I have been keeping planted fish tanks for about 10 years and have been to all of the aquarium and pet supply stores in Lincoln MANY times.

IMO the Fish Store would be a great store except for the fact that within the last 5 years or so the problem with ich has gotten unbareable. I have gotten fish from them about once a year and gotten ich from their fish every time I have gone there. The bigest up side to the fish store is that they can order rare fish and plants and you can pick them up before they introduce them into one of their tanks(avoiding their ich plague). And yes the owner still seems to be the only one who knows anything about the products and livestock in the store.

As for Fish World, I have only been there about 4 or 5 times in the past 3 years or so and found them to have very healthy fish but they are overpriced and the owner as well as the employees don,t seem to have much knowledge of plants what so ever.

Petsmart on 27th is great for all your common freshwater fish and most common freshwater plants. The staff seems fairly knowledgeable about most fish and plants they sell and for the most part their livestock is healthy. Although they do have an occasional outbreak of ich so look before you buy. They also rarely get in some not so common fish but they sell VERY fast so get there on Thursday. Thats when all their fish come in. I also know a couple employees that work there are members of this site. The downside, they cant order any special fish or plants so its wysiwyg.

Petco on "O" St. Their price is a little lower than Petsmart and their fish selection is a little better, but they don't have a great selection of plants and I have only found one knowledgeable employee in the whole store. His name is John and most of his knowledge lies in plants and lighting.
I have found many miss labeled plants, fish, and reptiles in their store. So my advice to you would be: If you shop there KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR

The Fish Store and Fish World are open from 10am to 8pm M-F
Petco and Petsmart are open from 9am to 9pm M-F and some hours on Sat. and Sun. too

The Fish Store402) 466-7811
Fish World402) 489-1277
Petsmart402) 438-1133
Petco402) 484-7511

These reviews are based on my own personal experience (my opinion) and well everybody has an opinion
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