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Originally Posted by audioaficionado View Post
I know. I'd eventually like to build a DIY driver too. To get Meanwells with the full XM-L drive current capability, they trade off the total voltage to supply more drive current and not exceed the same unit wattage limitations. Just wishing for a way to fully push the XM-Ls without having to buy 4 Meanwell drivers.
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I look forward to seeing how you've designed your controller PCB and the parts layout.

That's easier to do than you think. The OnSemi Cat4101 constant current driver Ic's that I use in my drivers can be paralleled together to to produce as many amps as you want. Each Ic can sink up to 1 amp, so all you would need is 3 Ic's on each string to drive 6-7 Cree XM-L's in series. The only other hardware that would be needed is an adjustable 24 volt supply with a high enough current rating.I am currently using the same strategy to drive a couple of big bridgelux 50 watters right now. I can draw up a schematic if you want one
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