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Originally Posted by shrimpnmoss View Post
IMO SCAPEERS have the nicest looking tanks overall....

Hey how long did AS take to clear in a tank this size?
Thanks SNM. Clear from the begining. But It took a month to cycle seven 9L of aquasoil.

roni, green neons are my favorite fish. They are smaller and school better than cardinals. Best schooling fish in my experience is rummynose, second is harlequin rasboras, third green neons. But the green neons beats them both in looks. They are wild cought so they do best in RO water.
Now im looking for 100 blue axelrodi for my next project. A new ADA 120P

ADA 120P x2 Iwagumi ADA 75P, 60Px3, 30Cx3 ADA Mini S solar (LED) Mini M solar Do!aqua Mini M
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