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Originally Posted by MoeBetta View Post
+1 On monfort, they have the healthiest fish I've seen in the area.

**I live two minutes from another well liked LFS, but I will drive across town to go to Monfort if I'm buying anything living. Their customer service is great too, the guys are actually friendly, and while the quality of the fish comes first, that's nice too.

Also, they have the only real selection of plants in the area. From what I understand A&E intends to expand back into plants after Jason finishes remodeling, so that may be another option.
A&E? Where's that? Former Colerain area native here...and you know us West siders - anything east of 75 is considered world travel.

The longer I'm involved in this hobby the more & more I'm convinced that Bio-Type species tanks are the way to go. Plants and fish/inverts live together in nature for a reason. I find the less I try to fight nature the better my tanks look.

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