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Originally Posted by mordalphus View Post
Sweet shrimp man!
Thanks Liam!

Originally Posted by shrimpnmoss View Post
looks nice...I hope that WR breeds for you!
Thanks! I hope it breeds for me too.

Originally Posted by aelysa View Post
I tried supertigers twice and they died on me keep that rare line going!
They've been breeding for 2+ years now. Numbers aren't that high, but there are usually 6 or so new ones every berried batch. These high temps are brutal though

Originally Posted by speedie408 View Post
PURE SEX!! Now tell your sister to get a macro lens so you can "borrow"
She just bought a telephoto lens, so the macro may have to wait...though I may just chip in so that I could use it and [possibly] capture some awesome shots like yours.

Originally Posted by imke View Post
Nice shrimp and cool pictures - thanks for sharing! Looks a bit that flickr added too much JPG compression, what makes them look blur. Will check your blog for updates!
Thanks Imke! My blog..? just random ramblings from me, nothing great like yours was!

Originally Posted by disvegas View Post
nice shrimps, especially the red wine. I like the translucent red pretty much!
btw, any connection as to where to get some super tigers?

Thanks! My Super Tigers came from Arnold from Oregon I believe (Pacificshrimps on Aquabid), but I haven't seen much from him lately. Of course, when my numbers get higher, I am definitely open to sharing them.

Originally Posted by joshh View Post
Cool shrimp bro!
Thanks Josh!

Originally Posted by rickztahone View Post
Great looking shrimp and good pictures for not being photo savi
Thanks Ricardo! I'm shooting with the bare bones setup out of the box. Out of 50 shots, maybe 1 or 2 are decent!
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