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Originally Posted by Bettatail View Post

Step 1.
A. Regulator handle completely loose(counter clockwise).
B. Connect the regulator to the co2 tank, make sure the connection is secured.
C. Turn on the CO2 tank release handle slowly, CO2 inject into regulator, the HP gauge reading should be at 800 psi.
D. Shut the CO2 tank release handle, now the reading on the HP gauge should be 800 psi also.
E. Wait 6 hours, if the reading is the same, first stage is good, go to second step.
I performanced step 1 test and it is normal (800 psi). However, when I got back from a vaction (4 days) it dropped to 0 psi. The Co2 tank was in the off position. Is this normal?
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