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The floaters are red rooted, Phyllanthus fluitans, and Salvinia minima I think. Neither are looking their best in the photo. In a pond they would be much prettier. They aren't going to look as good in my tank off to the side without much light either but they need to stay for grazing. The platies like RRF a lot.

Kidding, I will be buying a whole bunch of whichever larger shoaling/schooling fish - not a few of each. Tank looks busy enough at every level already. I don't know why the black phantoms are looking like a shoal now when I have had them for ages just hanging in the same area. Right now platies are all over but mostly at the top and feed together more than shoal, black neons are mid/upper level schooling when they decide to go for a tour of the tank, BPT shoal in bottom third of tank, corys hang out in small groups at the bottom.

My new overflow screen is great for keeping floaters away from the slots in the box but I had to rescue a platy and oto from it last night.
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