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Thanks for the help choosing fish. Congos, roseline, danios and species livebearers it is then. 3 of each?? What kind of livebearer? I have only had hybrid guppy/platy/swordtails.

Hairgrass is chugging along but I still have a really long time before deciding. My daughter suggested hatchetfish but from the videos I have seen I would be very frustrated when cleaning the tank.

I got to cut back a couple of plants this week! Attempted to glue stray java fern on wood but it really wants to take over the tank and bits keep escaping. Not much debris in the tank, may be over the hump and ready to grow.

Small hitch though. My 10 year old M3 regulator is acting very oddly. The big black pressure regulator knob is very hard to turn and the CO2 tank is nearly empty. Me thinks something is wrong here.

Finally put the cord cover on the wall. Modified the overflow mesh so it is less obtrusive and raised the overflow a bit.

This photo shows how this tank fits the 10' wall of the living room. I had to stand all the way to the far side of the room. This is a tiny house, I get one tank. Hehehe.

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