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Originally Posted by kevmo911 View Post
Aaaaand the thread has been derailed. Again. Look, this thread is for reviews of the SunSun type canister filter. I won't say nobody has had a problem with the SunSun. And yes, the craftsmanship and material quality seem to be inferior to other, more expensive, tried and true, high quality products.

This particular product hasn't been around for a heck of a long time. A few years, maybe? And yet, scanning through this thread, there is a remarkable minimum of complaints about this product. If money wasn't such a large issue for me, I probably would not hesitate to buy an Eheim least, one of the models made in Germany rather than China (if you're interested, you can look up the info on that). But money *is* an object, at least for me. And I bought myself a SunSun because I wanted to try out a canister filter, but not spend the extra hundred or so bucks on an experiment. Six or seven months later, I'm still quite happy with it.

Unless you have personal experience with a product, I would prefer not to read about you bashing it (alternatively, if you *do* have experience with it, go right ahead and critique it - because we need to know about that stuff). That goes for SunSun as well as ADA. SunSun lovers, stop complaining about the high-end stuff being more expensive. Eheim lovers, stop complaining about the low-end stuff actually being functional.

To repeat: this is a review thread for SunSun-type canister filters. Praise, or criticize, but only if you actually own one. Please. Find an Eheim thread if you want to talk about them. I'm honestly not sure how much business a person has posting in this thread if they've never used a SunSun ...unless you're requesting information, maybe? And if you really want, I'll start a thread for you about which canister filter is just plain cooler.

By the way, in regards to replacement parts, I believe I've read about one or two of the US Ebay sellers being good about sending out replacements. And as far as the Marineland C-series goes, I can't speak for all of them, but I know I've seen C-series pics that are almost identical to SunSun 302 pics, except for color. I would bet that you can match up models by claimed gph ratings and get replacements that way.
Well said! Not to derail the thread yet again but I am loving my RAOK crypt from you that thing is a monster not something you find in my LFS that is for sure.

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